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Viewics is an end-to-end healthcare analytics platform that surfaces actionable insights that empower you to improve patient care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance across the healthcare continuum.

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Applications Built on a Robust Analytics Platform

March 5, 2020
New application released to help better monitor and track COVID-19 testing

Every day, more and more people become infected with the acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, but only people with symptoms may be tested. Since an infection with the virus often goes without symptoms, many people do not know that they have already been infected. Therefore, a high number of unreported cases is assumed. An antibody test can provide more clarity here.

Viewics Equals Value.

Our successful track record includes data analysis from multiple facets of the healthcare spectrum. Our teams work diligently to provide our clients with innovative ways to draw insights into data residing in their information systems.

Benefits to your healthcare institution

  • Cost Savings

    Streamline processes, reduce unnecessary diagnostic testing, and identify hidden opportunities to reduce costs.

  • Growth

    Improve customer management to drive growth, improve customer retention, and maximize revenue opportunities.

  • Quality Improvements

    Improve accuracy, efficiency and turnaround times across the healthcare continuum.

  • Strategy

    Solve difficult laboratory challenges to position your lab as a true partner for your health system.