Viewics Health Insighter Demos

Viewics provides personalized demonstrations of Viewics Health Insighter for those who prefer a personalized touch. The Viewics team is ready to provide you and your entire team a thorough personal demonstration at a time that works best for your schedule.


  • Micro is typically a difficult application to pull reports for. Viewics did a GREAT job! The epidemiologic program we utilize is the best there is among LIS systems and Viewics allows me to pull reports that it does not."  

    Katharine Roman, Microbiology Laboratory Manager, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

  • Our solutions created with Viewics have allowed leadership and end-users access to our data that we never dreamed was possible!"

    Rosalee Allan, Sr. VP & COO, PAML

  • Viewics allows us to run reports in 30 seconds that historically took us 3 hours and without dependency on IT resources. - saving time, money, and giving us unfettered access to the information we need to make vital business decisions."

    Don Landek, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

  • The dashboard will have a combination of operational indicators, productivity indicators and quality indicators, which will help us to design or modify our workflow so that we’re meeting our benchmarks."

    Vince D’Mello, Admin. Director of Laboratory Medicine, Grand River and St. Mary’s General Hospitals

  • When Viewics did the demo for us, we recognized they were ahead of the curve."

    Vince D' Mello, Administrative Dir. of Lab Medicine, Grand River and St. Mary's Hospital

  • It is so comprehensive, it's mind-boggling!"

    Dr. Divaris, Medical Dir. & Chief of Lab Med., Grand River and St. Mary's Hospital

  • I can't believe you were able to get this data out of CoPath."

    Histology Supervisor

  • The ability to monitor trends and identify attrition risks among our outreach physicians will be key to maintaining a vital part of my lab's business.  There is tremendous value in seeing these trends within VHI and knowing a physician is unhappy before they take their business elsewhere."

    Don Landek, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

  • I don't know what I would do without Viewics. I just can't go back to the way we used to do things."

    Shelley Owen, Pathology Manager, Grand River and St. Mary's Hospitals

  • Viewics is one of the very few vendors that came in and did what they said they were going to do.  Our IT team barely spent any time on the implementation. Viewics delivered on what they promised."

    Gary Gill, IT Director , Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories

  • VHI has given us access to our data in ways we never dreamed possible, all at the fraction of the cost it would have taken to do this ourselves."

    Don Landek, University Hospitals Case Medical Center