Healthcare data is growing by leaps and bounds, and Viewics is staying ahead of the curve.


Infographic: Current Digital Trends in Hospital Laboratories

Healthcare data is growing, pressure on labs is increasing, and the need for actionable insights is inevitable.


Viewics Analytics Platform Brochure

The Viewics Platform is an end-to-end healthcare analytics platform that surfaces actionable insights that empower you to improve patient care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance in your lab and across the healthcare continuum. Applications powered by the Viewics Platform let non-technical users quickly create meaningful analysis and share that data with executives or clients by using easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.


Dx Optimization Brochure

Dx Optimization surfaces opportunities to unlock data insights in diagnostic test patterns whilst minimizing gaps in patient care. This increased visibility allows for cost savings, benchmarking across sites, and ensures adherence to best practices regarding health system ordering protocols.


LabOPS™ AP Brochure

Using LabOPS AP, you easily identify staffing, process, and quality improvement opportunities to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and drive financial and operational value back to the histology lab.


LabOPS™ Core Brochure

Laboratory analytics is more than just data presented in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. This visualization starts with importing raw data and ends with valuable insights for the various stakeholders in your organization. LabOPS Core delivers these insights so that you can make informed decisions confidently and quickly to improve your lab’s operational, business performance, and diagnostic output.


LabOPS™ POC Brochure

LabOPS POC is Roche’s adaptation to the evolution of point-of-care services. LabOPS POC provides point-of-care coordinators and lab directors with an effective way to identify, review, and track key trends relating to device management and operator performance issues within healthcare facilities.


LabOPS™ PCR COVID-19 Brochure

With the novel Coronavirus impacting all aspects of society, Roche is striving to provide testing and solutions to address the pandemic. Recently, Roche launched relevant, important tests related to COVID-19 for the cobas® 6800/8800 systems. After launch, customers identified a need to provide analytics around the performance and efficiency of instruments running these critical tests. Roche’s response to this need is LabOPS PCR COVID-19.