Detailed insights that unlock histology lab productivity

Using LabOPS AP, you easily identify staffing, process, and quality improvement opportunities to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and drive financial and operational value back to the histology lab.

Benefits of LabOPS AP



Provides actionable insights and transparency into lab operations that empower more informed decisions and management of how the lab runs



Enables tracking, review and analysis of lab trends to proactively identify and course correct issues to optimize lab performance



Generates customized reports with a flexible, easy-to-use tool, giving labs the right insights, at the right time

Dashboards that Make a Difference

LabOPS AP dashboards offer a variety of key metrics

Single-site Dashboards

  • Progress
  • Count Summary
  • Performance
  • Quality Issues
  • Count Summary by Stain Type
  • Count Summary by Sender
  • TAT Performance by Sender
  • Issue Overview by Sender

Multi-site Dashboards

  • Multi-site Count Summary
  • Multi-site Count Details
  • Multi-site Average Slides Per Case
  • Multi-site TAT Summary
  • Multi-site TAT Overdue Objects
  • Multi-site Quality Issues

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