LabOPS Core

Increase the quality, efficiency, and productivity of your lab

LabOPS Core provides lab directors/managers with an easier way to track, review, and identify operational trends and challenges. This increased visibility guides the decision-making process toward optimizing operations, customer delivery, and overall lab performance in a targeted and efficient manner.

Benefits of LabOPS Core



Provides actionable insights and transparency into lab operations that empower more informed decisions and management of how the lab runs



Enables tracking, review and analysis of lab trends to proactively identify and course correct issues to optimize lab performance



Generates customized reports with a flexible, easy-to-use tool, giving labs the right insights, at the right time

Dashboards that Make a Difference

LabOPS Core dashboards offer a comprehensive list of key metrics

  • Positivity rates
  • Re-run analysis
  • Volume analytics
  • Outlier reviews
  • TAT analytics
  • Test & workload analysis
  • Instrument utilization
  • Autovalidation statistics
  • Custom dashboard authoring services

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