Custom Dashboard
Authoring Service

Viewics Custom Dashboard Authoring Service

The Viewics Custom Dashboard Authoring Service (“CDAS”) includes five (5) dashboards as part of the platinum package of each Viewics application. These five dashboards do not need to be created at the same time and can be created at any time during the term of the subscription for such Viewics application. Additional custom dashboards can be purchased by Customer at a predetermined rate as set forth in the respective Order, as needed.

Dashboards can only be created from the existing data elements available in the licensed Viewics application. For example, if a Customer only licenses  the Viewics application “LabOPS AP”, the Customer will not have access to data fields available in LabOPS Core. Requests for new data elements that do not exist within the Unified Data Model (“UDM”) for a specific Viewics application do not fall within this service. CDAS is not meant to augment the UDM with other user-defined data sources.

Dashboards are defined as follows:

  • maximum of four (4) analytical widgets
  • one dashboard is meant to align to a single use case


Any dashboards created in this process will become part of the Viewics catalog of dashboards, the design and content of which may be re-used in part or in their entirety with other customers. Roche or any of its Affiliates owns and retains all right, title and interest in and to all of such created dashboards including all improvements, modifications and derivative works related to any of such dashboards, and all intellectual property rights in any of such dashboards.

Roche or any of its Affiliates will partner with the Customer to understand their specific requirements for the custom dashboard. Both the requirements document and a mockup of the dashboard will be shared with the Customer for approval prior to building it into the respective Viewics application. Once the dashboard has been delivered to the Customer, the Customer will confirm acceptance and Roche or any of its Affiliates will conduct training for end users of the Customer as set forth in the Order.

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