Unleash the Power of Healthcare Analytics

We built Viewics to solve the challenge of making healthcare data meaningful. Our platform is safe and secure with the power to transform organizations.

A Better Way to Manage your Lab.

The Viewics Platform is an end-to-end healthcare analytics platform that surfaces actionable insights that empower you to improve patient care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance in your lab and across the healthcare continuum.

Benefits of the Viewics Platform



Easy-to-share and customizable dashboards let you deliver key information to whom it matters most



Preconfigured alerts for common laboratory KPIs proactively notify users at important thresholds for increased transparency and control



Individually customized dashboards highlight only the most relevant data to ensure end-user comfort and continued use of the platform



Built-in workflows that promote participation, include sharable dashboards and annotations to enable actionable, data-driven insights.



Analyze data, from multiple sources, that resides inside and outside of the laboratory environment.

Viewics Platform Architecture

We built the Viewics Analytics Platform and all its applications to solve the challenge of making healthcare data meaningful. Our solutions are safe and secure with the power to transform organizations.

Data extraction and cleansing

Viewics makes relevant data digestible. Our vendor-agnostic solution extracts data from almost any system and poses no risk of downtime. Data extracted from disparate sources is standardized to common data elements, leading to actionable, accurate, and quality insights.

Fully compliant and encrypted

Our highly secure and scalable infrastructure is HIPAA-HITECH, SOC2 certified and GDPR compliant to ensure the security and privacy of our clients’ electronic protected health information (ePHI). As data security is our number one priority, we use industry-standard encryption (e.g. SHA, 256, MD5, DES).

Easy-to-Read Dashboards

Applications powered by the Viewics Analytics Platform let non-technical users quickly create meaningful analysis and share that data with executives or clients by using easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

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