About Viewics

The Viewics Analytics Platform and applications help users quickly discover meaningful and actionable insights that help healthcare organizations enhance their operational and financial outcomes.

The Viewics Team

Acquired in 2017, the Viewics team is a proud member of the Roche Family. We develop business intelligence and analytics solutions for healthcare organizations, enabling them to enhance operational and financial outcomes. Healthcare business managers use our analytical solutions to optimize productivity in their specialized environments and anticipate future needs. We build our solutions on the Viewics Analytics Platform.

The Viewics Analytics Platform

The Viewics brand is also connected to the analytics platform that serves as the cloud foundation for cloud-based data visualizing applications. Our platform is an end-to-end healthcare analytics platform that surfaces the actionable insights needed to make improvements in patient care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance within the laboratories of our Roche customers and across the healthcare continuum.

The Viewics Application Suite

Viewics has a suite of applications powered by the Viewics Analytics Platform. Our applications let non-technical users quickly create meaningful analysis and share that data with executives or clients by using easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. Here is a list of the applications that we have available for global markets: