Dx Optimization

Right test, right patient, right time

Dx Optimization provides the hospital C-Suite and lab directors with an effective way to identify, review, and track key trends and test ordering patterns that may help improve diagnosis while positively impacting operational and business performance.

Benefits of Dx Optimization


Optimized Ordering

Refine testing protocols to minimize possible diagnostic gaps and waste


Targeted Management

Reduce unnecessary diagnostic testing that causes delays in patient care



Foster physician consensus and data sharing leading to better treatment decisions

Dashboards that Make a Difference

Dx Optimization dashboards offer a variety of key metrics

Test Reporting

  • Watchful Test Ordering
  • Incorrect Test Combinations Ordered
  • Diagnostic Test Distribution
  • Incorrect Ordering Frequency
  • Incorrect Ordering Frequency by Location
  • Lab Utilization

Location Analytics

  • Sendout Trends
  • Average TAT by Performing Lab
  • Average TAT by Day

Physician Reporting

  • Physician Sendout Ordering Patterns
  • Discharged Patients Awaiting Results
  • Physician Ordering Benchmarks
  • Physician Service Benchmark
  • Readmission Analysis
  • Physician Ordering Pattern
  • Readmission LOS and Cost

Diagnostic Improvement

  • Diagnostic Trends of Ordered Tests
  • Ordering Trends by Physician Service
  • Comorbidity Combinations
  • Radiology Analysis
  • Top Diagnosis Analysis
  • Diagnostic Order Set Analysis

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